See Here: 7 Things Men Do That Make Women Fall Deeper In Love

Being a great listener

A man who listens patiently and understands what his woman wants to say is always at the top of his game.

Show HER some vulnerability

Being the strong and masculine one doesn’t always work in your favor. You need show the lady that you too are just as human as her and can be in equal need of love and care.

Please her in the bedroom

Knowing what she wants and giving her exactly that shows her just how much you care and notice about her wants and desires. Be the man who knows his woman.

Cook for her

Haven’t you ever seen the ladies drooling over then male chefs on cooking shows? Men who can cook show that they are strong in every aspect and know that a woman’s way to the heart also goes via her stomach sometimes.

Let’s go shopping

It’s okay to be nerdy

Women love to shop. Men who love pampering their love and don’t whine and crib about the shopping hours are the best. It shows how open and easy to get along with they are.

Compromise is key

Nerdy isn’t always so bad. It’s definitely loads better than the one who doesn’t know anything. Having a guy who knows what he’s talking about always adds up as a plus point.

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Finally, compromise. No one is ever completely right or wrong.