See Here: 8 Signs He Is Madly In Love With You


1. He’s your sanity pill.
Women tend to be over-thinkers. They have to analyse and evaluate things excessively and obsessively. I tend to derive results and conclusions and end up upsetting myself. Yet with him around, I am reminded of how there is no need to do any of this. He keeps my thinking real and rational. He is madly in love with you if he does that to you.

2. You have forgotten your past.
It feels like either the memory is gone or that thinking about any of your previous boyfriend(s) or crush(es) is not just worth it, anymore. If he is madly in love with you, he will make you forget all the wrong ones because his love has the power to do so. All those heartbreaks and tears seem crazy now.

3. He respects your family.
He is madly in love with you if he knows that your family is very important to him. He makes sure that he treats them with respect and care. He will be nice to your parents and he will act goofy around your little siblings. He will spend time with them if necessary. In short, you sometimes feel like they should make movies about him because he’s that perfect!

4. He trusts you.
He doesn’t question your intentions if a guy walks up to you to flirt or ask for your number. You’ve never seen him checking your phone or reading your texts. He hasn’t even checked your Facebook inbox in all this time. He is madly in love with you if he trusts you blindly because he knows that you will not leave him and neither will he. He’s a man – not an insecure boy.

5. He accepts your rawest forms.
He is madly in love with you if he doesn’t care about the way you appear or sound. You can sound as obsessive as you want and you can wear whatever you want, yet he will still not care about it. All he cares about is you and your existence so all of this doesn’t even matter to him – not even one bit!

6. He knows his priorities.
He is madly in love with you if he knows his priorities. He knows where to put you in his life and you can see it very often. He will ditch other people when he knows that you need him. You have never felt the need to remind him of your place in his life because he knows it. He knows your worth and if someone values you this much, never let go of them.

7. It feels like a dream.
He is madly in love with you if your life suddenly feels like a dream or a page from a fairy tale – or both. He treats you like a queen, loves you and cares for you. He makes sure that he is there for you. He remembers the little details about you and he looks at you with love and respect in his eyes. He is the rock star in your life and he means the world to you.

8. He treats you like you’re a celebrity.
They say he is madly in love with you and he cares about you a lot if he brings out the best in you. That is because he sees the good in you and he makes sure that you know it. He tells you that you can move mountains and be the best because nobody understands your potential better than him, and he wants you to reach it.