See Here: A Bully Poured Super Glue Over This Girl’s Hair, The Way She Responds Is Perfect


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Unfortunately bullying is becoming more and more frequent among today’s youth and is slowly developing into an epidemic. Bullies appear to be everywhere, from playgrounds to the hallway, something that student Hannah Combs knows all too well. The 15-year-old had just started her freshman year at Texas’ Harker Heights High School when she suffered first-degree burns in a cowardly attack from a fellow student. See more images on the next page >

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Hannah was talking with some friends when an individual approached her from behind and poured super glue directly onto her head and scalp. She told the Killeen Daily Herald, “It instantly started burning,” the moment the assault happened, “It felt like my head was on fire. It was horrible.” For many of us our hair is an extremely important part of who we are, it is a fashion statement and a way to express ourselves. So when Hannah was informed by medical staff that she had to have part of her head shaved she said, “I lost the favourite thing about me. I loved my hair, my hair’s the only thing I liked about myself, honestly.” See her new haircut on the next page >

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The most staggering part of this story is that the bully’s punishment was an in-school suspension, meaning that when Hannah returned to school the next day she would see them wandering around the school grounds. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound adequate to me, they chucked super glue at her for goodness sake! Obviously frustrated by Harker Heights Highs’ inadequate discipline of the child, Hannah’s mother, Jessica Grimmer, started a Facebook page called Justice for Hannah.

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The page does exactly what it says on the tin – it details her daughter’s ordeal. Jessica said, “The response has been just unbelievable… It’s everywhere. The outpour is beautifully overwhelming.” Hairstylists in Hannah’s hometown volunteered their time to help her feel more confident and show her how to rock what she has left. See the final outcome pictures on the next page >

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The American’s story has since gone viral and is getting the attention it deserves from people all over the world. The outcry of support resulted in the bully being transferred to another school, which is what Hannah wanted.