Learn Here: This Is The Right Way To Wash Your Hair, You Were Doing It All Wrong!


1. Brush your hair properly before washing them. Brushing not only circulates blood flow in your scalp but removes all tangles and makes sure that there is less hair fall due to breakage at the time of washing.

2. Wet your hair and apply shampoo directly to your scalp. Make sure to use the right amount of shampoo and too less can leave your hair dirty while too much can cause damage because of the excess chemicals.

3. Next step is to massage the scalp thoroughly. You must massage for at least 2 – 3 minutes in circular motion. This improves blood flow in the scalp and covers every area of your hair.

4. After the massage, rinse your hair with warm water. It should not be hot water or cold water as cold water can solidify the chemicals and leave them on to your scalp and hot water can burn your hair and make them brittle.

5. Conditioning is an absolutely important step of washing on hair. A conditioner smoothens out your hair and keeps the tangle free for longer days and protects it from damage from pollution. But make sure to apply it along the length of the hair and not the roots as it can clog up your pores and slow the hair growth process.

At the end you’ll have beautifully shiny hair.