See Here: Did NASA Accidentally Capture An Image Of An Alien On The Moon?

#1 What Do You See Here?
No, this is not a Rorschach test, it is an image taken from a satellite orbiting the Moon.

#2 The image was taken as part of Google Moon, which is a thing....
Google never ceases to amaze us, as they apparently have a program which combines all available photographs of the moon's surface.

#3 This is a look at what it looks like to fiddle around on the Google Moon tool
And it gave us a very mysterious picture which conspiracy theorists, and maybe some normal people as well, will grasp onto as signs of life.

#4 Man, Shadow, or Irrelevant Blip?
We will not profess to know enough about shadows, photo manipulation, or alien life to decide for ourselves, we are here to present the evidence and not much more. So what's the verdict?