See Here: Doctors are shocked, when 10days after the abortion, they hear a heartbeat in the stomach of the 31yo!


# 1.
Michelle and Ross Hui from Newbridge (Ireland) are overjoyed. The parents of two children are excited to be expanding their family further. Michelle is pregnant again. For 6 weeks and 2 days she’d been carrying the baby, when suddenly on the way to work she felt a stabbing pain.

# 2.
Shortly thereafter, as she was on the toilet, she found blood in her pants. The 31-year old rushed to the hospital with her husband and there, their worst fears were confirmed: a thorough check-up showed that she had lost the baby. Michelle and Ross were devasted. They find comfort in their two children.

# 3.
The doctors give Michelle two pills normally used for abortion, that is this case should “clean” the uterus, and help prevent any infection. The two-time mother trusted the doctors and swallowed the pills. After one night in hospital, she was allowed to go home. There she met with friends and drowned her sorrows in a bottle of wine. Michelle needed to do another pregnancy test, to test whether there was any residual signs of pregnancy. The test results came back positive, so 10 days later, she was in hospital again to undergo a womb-scraping. What happens then is unbelievable!

# 4.
The doctors at Rotunda Hospital, Dublin screened Michelle’s stomach one last time before the womb-scraping and found the unmistakable heartbeat of another being! Michelle is pregnant, despite her miscarriage and abortion. It turns out, that she was originally pregnant with twins, but one of them miscarried. How the second baby managed to survive, even the doctors can’t explain!

# 5.
“The doctor went out and came back again with an older colleague, who repeated the screening and then he said “you’ll never believe us, but we have a heartbeat”. That was the best feeling I’d ever had”, said Michelle. In the end, baby Megan came healthily into the world and astonished doctors and parents alike.

# 6.
It is not clear, whether there has ever been another case like Megan’s. Today the 18 month old baby is completely healthy and is the pride of her parents, Michelle and Ross. Even her siblings Ma (4) and Noah (2) are overjoyed. It is also unclear how Megan was overlooked during the previous check-ups – doctors explain that through blood and other residual fluids from the miscarriage, Megan was hidden from the ultrasound.

# 7.
Today her mum describes her as “a healthy pudding of a baby” and the Hui family are delighted that Megan is with them. The fact that she survived a miscarriage, an abortion and also alcohol-consumtion from her mother, without any damage, is really a wonder!