See Here: Everyday Problems Of A Pregnant Woman Hilariously Illustrated By A Mom


Every to-be dad's biggest fear

Those last three months when you stop giving a try to lift a thing you accidentally dropped on the floor.

That nightmare of water breaking in public

And then vision below the belly is all gone!

Apparently the only exercise in the last trimester is running to the loo

Bravery marks of a strong uterus

Pregnancy cravings are sometimes the weirdest!

Almost a year without alcohol. Sigh.

And then the champ within tries kick-boxing in the middle of the night

Slip-ons are ON!

Pillows Pillows Pillows!

Those hunger calls at 3 in the morning!

And these seemingly adorable questions are fired from every direction

"Bikini this year? Nah, I'll just stay back home eating a chocolate cake."

And those Pregnancy hormones!

The last trimester sucks to the heights!

"Swelling swelling everywhere, makes me feel like Hulk"

The 'Sympathy Pregnancy' of a balloon comes into play (why?!) as well

And when the first-time dad is shown a placenta

P.S. Baby suggestions from others help you judge how many people you hate