See Here: For 12 Years She's Been Hugging Deployed Soldiers. When She Didn't Show Up, They Did This.


She's 83 And Full Of Love
Elizabeth Laird is known lovingly as the 'hug lady'. For the past 12 years, this short, sweet and adorable granny has been putting smiles on stoic faces and nuzzling camouflage uniforms to spread love to the brave, young men and women of the American Armed Forces.

Each Soldier Gets A Smile Too
This woman is a spectacular part of any going away party. She smiles at everyone too. Each individual soldier gets a unique, individual hug, just for them, from Elizabeth with love.

Yes, She Hugs All Of Them
Elizabeth has hugged over half a MILLION soldiers in the twelve years she's been doing this. The positive energy she exudes is contagious and stays with the soldiers as they begin their mission.

But She Has Her Own Struggles
For the past 11 years, Elizabeth has been fighting breast cancer. She came to every send-off until one day, she didn't show up. Everyone expecting her scrambled to find out where she was. They found her in the intensive care unit. Elizabeth needed a prayer and some love like the kind she had been handing out all these years. She was not disappointed.

No Grandma Left Behind
The brave men and women whom she comforted in times of fear and anxiety came to the hospital to see Elizabeth. Staff Sargent Jarvez Wilkes said.

“It would be my honor to give her a hug in her time of need. I made it my business to get down here and show her a little love because she’s shown me plenty of love.”

The soldiers started a GoFindMe account to cover Elizabeth's medical bills. They have raised over $80,000

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