See Here: Girls vs. Guys: 21 True Differences

1. Taking a picture of something:

2. Checking someone out:

3. Keeping things clean:

4. Getting ready to go out:

5. Getting over a breakup:

6. This truth:

7. Breaking a nail:

8. Checking yourself out in the mirror:

9. Showing up in the same outfit as someone else:

10. Breakup lines:

11. How to be successful in life:

12. Insults vs. compliments:

13. Buying a pair of pants from a predetermined store:

14. Sharing the bed:

15. Getting a haircut:

16. Complaining about having nothing:

17. How they act:

18. This truth:

19. Taking a group photo:

20. Proposing:

21. Imagining a first date: