See Here: Guy Created A Parody Music Video Of ‘Rude’ And Proposed To His Girlfriend In The Most Unique Way

Couples often go to cinemas for date night. Usually they go to dinner first then watch a movie together. It is so common that some find it boring and predictable. But did you know that you can make movie night a unique once-in-a-lifetime event like this guy who recently proposed to his girlfriend in a movie theater?

Liam Cooper, an Australian musician, and Amy Smith have been dating for about 6-7 years since high school.
He decided to propose to his girlfriend Amy, but wanted it to be “something pretty special and something she’d never see coming.” So instead of the usual video presentation of the couple’s relationship, he made a parody music video of “Rude” by Magic and planned to screen it in a local cinema that he rented exclusively for this important event.

Liam took Amy to a screening of ‘Focus’ at the cinema, on what she thought was a typical double date with his sister and brother-in-law.
Shortly before the trailers started, Liam excused himself and said that he will “go to the bathroom”. Then the first stage of his incredible proposal that took months of preparation begins…

After a few previews were shown, Liam’s parody video, with a special appearance by Amy’s father, premiered on the big screen.

Just exactly like the original music video, the Aussie guy ask for Amy’s father’s permission to marry her.
Slamming the door on him, he walks away rejected but decides to convince his reluctant father-in-law by impressing him. He began working out at the gym, gets a clothing makeover, and even bought a Porsche.

To make it all happen Liam had to get a lot of favors, including borrowing a Porsche from a friend and help from dozens of people.

He told BuzzFeed. “We actually started shooting back in February. We had one weekend to shoot in February, and I had to tell Amy I was going away on a business trip to Adelaide. Of course, it was all filmed in Wollongong, so I had to organise with Amy’s friends to take her out for coffee and stuff when I needed to film at her house. We filmed all the [pre-proposal] footage over a weekend and it took two weeks to edit. We actually had a test cinematic screening in the Bondi Junction Event Cinemas, to make sure it all worked out.”

Surprised, Amy can’t help it but laugh hysterically as she wipes away her tears.
But Mr. Copper’s surprise doesn’t stop in his parody video, as soon the as the video ended the lights went on and the effortful boyfriend reentered the cinema wearing a formal suit, bringing some flowers and a champagne.

Liam then got down on one knee and popped up the question to his high school sweetheart.
He says: “Amy, I love you and I want nothing more than for you to be my wife and for us to spend the rest of our lives together. Amy Jane Smith, will you marry me?”

Of course Amy said “Yes!”. Who would turn down a proposal as sweet as this?
The couple are set to wed this November, on the South Coast of New South Wales.