See Here: Amber Rose Reportedly Pregnant By Welven Da Great

#1 Welven Da Great
This is Welven Harris, also known as Welven Da Great. Welven, famous for the catchphrase "Deez Nuts", allegedly got Amber Rose pregnant.

#2 At The Gentlemen's Club
The couple was spotted together at a party that was organized by Rose at the Ace of Diamonds stripclub in LA.

#3 Getting Close
Some witnesses claimed that Amber was getting very close with Welven during the party. The model even posted a picture of the two on Instagram after the event.

#4 Went Home Together
But after 2:00am, the couple was getting really close and left the club together in a cab.

#5 The Next Morning
Welven was spotted leaving Amber Rose's house next morning. When approached by the paparazzi, Welven Da Great said: "I gave her Deez Nuts and now she’s pregnant."

#6 Official
During a short interview, Amber confirmed being pregnant.

#7 Sudden Attraction
According to the model: "I don’t know what happened", "I just felt so attracted to him for some reason".