See Here: How to have hot $@x in every room of the house


# Dining Room
If you've got a sturdy table, you can give your man a taste of something new. How to do it: Put some whipped cream on your body and lie down on the dining table. Spread your legs wide and present yourself for deep penetration. If your man prefers to stand up, sit on the edge of the table and open your legs, welcoming him for his "standing room only" meal.

# Kitchen
Consider wearing only an apron to get your man in the mood—not that he needs the help. How to do it: Your countertop is the best place for kitchen $@x. Clad only in an apron, bend over the counter, and let him slide in for a modified doggy-style lovemaking session before or after dinner. You can also ask him to "prep" you by sitting on the counter and letting him use his fingers on you.

# Bathroom
After the bedroom, your bathroom could be the most $@xed place in your whole home. How to do it: In the shower, lean back against the wall and raise your leg. Let him slide in just as the warm water hits both of you from above. If you're afraid of slipping, put down the toilet cover and let him sit. Straddle him and run your hands through his hair while you have a ride.

# Living Room
If you haven't had $@x on the couch, then what are you waiting for? How to do it: Bend over the cushiony arm of your couch, your stomach resting directly above it. The foam helps you achieve a comfy take-me-from-behind position no matter how hard he thrusts. If you and your man want a soft surface, lie on the couch and use the throw pillow to raise your butt higher than usual. Spread your legs and let him slide in.

# Home Office
Make this an even more memorable room with a little boss-secretary role play. How to do it: Bend over his desk and let him raise your skirt to take you from behind. Be a naughty girl and distract him while he works with oral $@x under the table. Don't forget that you can also ride him on the swivel chair while he holds your butt and you grab the headrest, riding him up and down.

# Stairs
Did you know that the best place on the stairs is the top landing? How to do it: Have your man lie on the topmost landing, his legs draped down the stairs. Then do a reverse cowgirl position, riding him as you face towards the stairs. Let your legs land on whichever step provides the best balance and have fun!

# Balcony or Veranda
Condo living can get you more than a great view; it can also give you an extra place to do the deed. How to do it: Enhance your $@xy time with the thrill of being seen or noticed. Straddle him in his favorite chair on your veranda or balcony. You can also sit on his lap nonchalantly, facing away, a blanket draped across your lap as he penetrates you. People might just miss the fact that you are up to something naughty underneath.

# Laundry Room
That washer-dryer combo you have isn't just for cleaning clothes. How to do it: Take a seat up on the washing machine or dryer while it's running. Spread your legs and let your man in the 'V' of your thighs. Enjoy the added vibrations as you and he rock to an amazing wash cycle.

# Behind the Front Door
Can't wait? The entryway can be an awesome spot for a quickie before he heads off to work or when he gets home. How to do it: Lean against the front door and let him grab your butt. Raise one leg and let him slide into you nice and easy—or rough and hard. For deeper penetration, brace your hands against the door, stick out your backside and let him have you against the front door.