See Here: How To Wash Your V@gin@ And Keep It Healthy


Step 1: Daily washing

#1 Lather up a cloth with soap and water!
Never use a perfumed soap, gel or antiseptic and make sure that you don't try to clean the real v@gin@(interior) as v@gin@ has its own cleaning system. So you just have to wipe the vulva.

#2 Cleanliness around clitoris!
Pull your labia away using your fingers and then clean the sides of your clitoris.

#3 Washing vulva and v@gin@l opening!
Don't forget to clean your bikini line.

#4 Wash your back in the end.
The bacteria of rear body part must not stick with your clitoris while you rub it with a towel. The bacteria might infect the urinary tract.

#5 Now comes the chance of the anal area!
Here, you will have to take extra care to ensure that you don't take the cloth carrying anal germs to your v@gin@ as it can cause infections in the urinary tract and clean your v@gin@ at least once a day.

Part 2: Keep Smelling fresh!
Trim, wax or shave your pubic hair to keep the sweat away. Sweat can lead to foul smell and even some weird skin infections.

#2 Staying clean in periods!
Change your tampons and pads very frequently and make sure to wash your v@gin@ 2-3 times a day if you are concerned with the v@gin@l smell.

#3 Choose the comfortable cotton underwear for yourself.
This will keep you relaxed even if you sweat.

#4 Trying a reusable pantyliner!
This idea seems freaky but the cotton will help the v@gin@ to breathe while absorbing the excess discharge.