See Here: How Women Want To Lead Menstural Revolution By Breaking The Taboo


# The menstrual revolution!
Using a tampon or not is our choice. We don't feel shame when we bleed in between a marathon nor while sleeping in bed feels awkward if we spread a stain. And just because of society's peer pressure, we have to cover ourselves but not anymore from now.

# We must know this.
Today in this Modern world, we have the latest and most useful technologies that help to track periods. Apps like Clue and Period Tracker Lite are such examples. But when it comes to the alternative products in the "menstrual revolution", organic tampons, absorbent panties, menstrual cups, nothing is particularly new. Women are becoming more open to alternative products and calling for a change in how they are regulated! If we see from the medical perspectives in these products, the toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is still alive. Earlier this year, a young model lost her leg to the syndrome because of this TSS.

# Crowd sourcing!
General public doesn't have any idea how these safety products are made. I guess, in everyone's mind, this question about what are the ingredients that are used for making sanitary pads, must have come. The reason behind the why menstrual revolution may be the emerging crowd sourced economy is clear. Women no longer have to solely rely on Kotex or Tampax to get the products. Now they can look into independent startups for innovation or even start something up themselves. According to Mic report, Margo Lang, co-founder of Conscious Period, told that, "There are so many people coming at it from different angles, and there's this unifying component of all having a period."

# Taking back control!
In U.K., tampons and pads are currently declared as "luxury items". Women have to pay high taxes for these. The news went viral and angered women across the country, took it to the streets and even over the internet. This menstrual revolution has taken over the whole of U.S.A. and many other countries too.

# Don't judge until you bear this pain!
Menstruation is a serious matter of public health, of the environment and of safety. Women's choices are equal, this needs to be ensured, that she not only has access to safe menstrual-control products but also a choice from the range of products. Together this has to be sorted out, else it's going to take the form of a revolution.