See Here: If You See Someone With A Semicolon Tattoo, This Is What It Is About


Your story isn't over yet. Imprint a Semicolon Tattoo and move ahead.

1. Amy Bluel: Founder Of Project Semicolon
Bluel, after losing her father to suicide, founded Project Semicolon, which interacts with people suffering from mental health problems. They help people to overcome from the state of depression, suicide, addiction. And encourage people to draw a semicolon tattoo to remind them that it's a long way ahead.

2. You are a warrior. And you have to fight the odds.
Amy says, “A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.” Amy makes people understand the importance of struggling in life.

3. People who are endeavouring believe to imprint semicolon tattoo.
Semicolon tattoo gives them the strength to stand up and fight back again.

4. Your life and sentence both need a semicolon mark.
Your story isn't ended yet. And neither you have exhausted or satisfied with the ending of the story of your life. Put a semicolon to re-establish the strong connection again.

5. Semicolon tattoo: It's a reminder
Many people imprint semicolon tattoo on their body to remind themselves that it isn't over yet. Past struggles and hardships are like the speed breakers in life but there is a long path to move ahead.

6. Connect with Semicolon Project
Get in touch with Semicolon Project on Facebook or visit their website to solve your mental health issues.

7. Stay strong because you have a long journey ahead.
Stay strong and face the difficulties smilingly.

8. Because there is no full stop. Put a Semicolon mark and fight against depression.