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1. Take breath mints and peppermint chewing gum
This will be of great help, but it is only temporarily. You should choose strong mints made with an essence of real peppermint oil.

2. Drink milk
The fat content of milk aids in reducing garlic and onion breath. You just have to sip a glass of full fat milk after consuming garlic or onion and you will feel great results.

3. Chew coffee beans
Coffee beans consist of ingredients that have antibacterial effects, useful in fighting microorganisms responsible for halitosis. Chewing roasted coffee beans can therefore be very useful when trying to get rid of garlic and onion breath.

4. Have a nice cup of green or mint tea
Green tea and mint tea contain polyphenols that will help in reducing the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the unpleasant chemical compound that garlic produces, and also help in reducing onion breath.

Drinking a nice cup of mint or green tea amid or after meal will neutralize the unbearable garlic and onion breath. Mint will also refresh your mouth.

5. Consume cold foods
After eating garlic or onion, you should eat cold foods, such as ice creams or other frozen desserts and snacks.

6. Go for fresh lemon
Lemon is very effective odor neutralizer. It has the capacity to kill bacteria causing bad breath. Try drinking a freshly squeezed lemon juice after eating garlic or onion, or directly suck a fresh lemon wedge. Chewing peels can also be helpful.

7. Chew parsley
Parsley is an excellent herb that helps in getting rid of garlic and onion breath. It contains high levels of chlorophyll that works as a natural breath freshener. It has also great antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and toxin-eliminating properties that are useful in eliminating oral and body odor. You should always chew fresh parsley, as dried herbs do not contain active chlorophyll.

8. Oral hygiene remedy – brush, floss, scrape and gargle
Utilize oxygenating toothpaste with fluoride and brush your teeth immediately after eating garlic or onion, in order to get rid of the garlic or onion breath.
Floss them to remove eventual food particles or garlic or onion rests trapped between your teeth.
The rough surface of your tongue is an ideal ground for the odor-producing bacteria. You should always utilize a tongue scraper to remove leftover food particles and eliminate bacteria that cause bad garlic and onion breath.
The final step consists in gargling your mouth and throat with a good mouth wash that neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds and eliminates bad breath.