See Here: Kim Kardashian To Ronda Rousey: “Don’t Talk About Me… YOU’RE The One Who Got Your A$$ Kicked!”


This week, Kim responded to Rousey after her seeing her nasty knockout on Saturday. In response to the “Hoe” comments Kim decided to send flowers to the former champion with a note that said: “I forgive you and hope you feel better… Being in the spotlight is kind of hard now isn’t it? Next time just make sure to make sure your OWN a$$ doesn’t get kicked”

Once feared, it seems as though Rousey has lost a lot of respect from many people, and now they’re taking the loss as an opportunity to kick Rousey while she’s down.

On Saturday, Ronda got delivered a series of knockout blows from underdog Holly Holm in which she needed plastic surgery. News is she’s pretty depressed about the whole situation, but that’s she’s vowed to set up a rematch and win her title back.

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