See Here: Man Experiences Labor Pain After Challenging His Wife, Started Respecting Women More!

# Tom, father of 6-month-old Leo, was excited to feel the pain his wife Jenny went through during the birth of their child.

# A simulation machine was attached to Tom's abdomen.

# Tom with his six-month old son Leo in the Birth Hospital.

# ‘Ha! Good luck. You have no idea what you’re in for! It’s like pain from another world.'

# Jenny wipes Tom's brows during contraction to comfort him.

# Four electrodes were attached to his skin through which current would be passed to his body.

# The three stages of labor were explained.

# Stage One: When the contractions begin.

# Stage Two: Longer contractions of increased intensity.

# Stage Three: Stomach is pushed so hard it feels as if it would come out from the back.

# The most pain I have ever experienced in my life.