See Here: Man Marries A $ex Doll, Reason Is Really Heartbreaking


He Don't Want To Leave The World Without Joying The Marriage
The dying Chinese man wants to enjoy the marriage before exiting the world. But he not wants to destroy the happiness of any woman. And finally he decided to marry a $ex doll.

Heartbreaking Photograph
To capture his joyous moment he also organized a photo-session.These photographs are really heartbreakingly beautiful

Posing With love And Passion
This is the picture that made this wedding viral on Chinese internet.
Picture shows how lovingly this man posing with his bride

Bride's Makeup
A full team of makeup artist was there to turn this $ex doll into real looking beautiful bride.

Questions Being Raised
However, people start questioning legitimacy of story behind this marriage pictures.
Many thinks that the pictures may be a part of dirty marketing scheme.

However These Event Is Reality
Some internet users revealed the truth of this story and according to them, this man is actually suffering from deadly cancer. He married this doll because he don't want to hurt anyone by marrying a real person.