See Here: Parents Everywhere Are Cautioning That Kids Stay Away From This New Children's Toy

One of the more popular kid's toys that will be stocked on shelves this year is called Buchems. These playful toys look harmless at first, but parents everywhere are warning of the problems these toys pose when they get stuck in children's hair.

# These colorful toy balls are being marketed as Bunchems. They stick together fairly easily and can be used to form different shapes.

# When used properly, the toys encourage children to use their imagination to come up with creative designs.

# What many parents have been reporting, however, is that younger kids have been getting them stuck in their hair.

# It may seem like a minor issue, but some instances have been so problematic that they could only be resolved by cutting off a substantial amount of hair.

# Having to cut off long hair, like this, can be a very traumatic experience for a child to go through.

# On top of being traumatic, it also costs parents time and money.

# Angry parents are taking to Amazon and leaving pictures like this as a warning to any potential buyers.

# Is the headache of dealing with a problem like this really worth it? Think about how painful it must be for the kids that had to have these ripped from their head.

# The creators of the toy released this video to help parents deal with this issue. While it does offer good advice, it is hard to say if it will be effective in every case.