See Here: The Reason She’s Rubbing A Dryer Sheet On Her Armpit Is Actually 100% Genius


# 1. Spray your car with some water or mild cleaner and scrub away all those caked-on bugs with a new or used dryer sheet.

# 2. Get rid of greasy or burned-on baking messes by filling your pan with hot water. Toss in a new dryer sheet and let it soak.

# 3. Buff away fingerprints and other unsightly messes on metal appliances and faucets with used dryer sheets.

# 4. Grab a new dryer sheet, wet it, and scrub away soap scum and buildup in your shower.

# 5. Dust blinds with used dryer sheets for quick cleanup.

# 6. Rub the inside of a winter hat with a sheet to avoid static cling on your hair when you take it off.

# 7. Speaking of static hair, on a particularly bad hair day, rub your brush’s bristles with a dryer sheet to get rid of unruly locks.

# 8. Keep a couch from smelling: place a dryer sheet under the cushions or beneath the furniture for a breath of fresh air.

# 9. Tuck one in your drawers for lovely scented clothes every time you go for an outfit.

# 10. Stash a sheet where you need it the most: in your gym bag.

# 11. Ensure you smell great all vacation by putting a dryer sheet in your suitcase.

# 12. Get some deodorant on your clothes by accident? Grab a used dryer sheet and rub the marks right off.

# 13. Stop worrying about tangled thread when you sew — simply run it through a new dryer sheet before you start.

# 14. Use a dryer sheet to dust around the home or clean up big, powdery messes like spilled flour or salt.

# 15. Make sure that every time you clean, your home smells like it by putting a dryer sheet in the vacuum bag.