See Here: Reasons To Check Behind You Before Snapping That Selfie


#1 Check The Mirrors
First, you're mirror might be dirty, but look at the grossness in the reflection.

#2 The Truth
Mirrors never lie. If you're going to, then don't do it in front of a mirror.

#3 Messy Room
Clean it up before you take that selfie. Oh, and make sure none of your undesirable friends are doing something lewd behind you.

#4 Kickball
This would be sexy if not for the fact that she is about to get a ball up her butt.

#5 Three Girls And A Little Boy
They're all squeezed together, as if they won't fit in the picture, meanwhile, there's a lot of room for the little boy, playing ball, in the back.

#6 Perfect Timing
She's not going to be smiling for long.

#7 Toilet Pose
Why? Really, just why?