See Here: This 15-Year-Old Girl Crossed All Limits Of Plastic Surgery


#1 Lee Hee Danae, the Barbie doll!
"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world. Life is plastic, I'm being sarcastic" are the first few lines of the famous song that is a perfect fit for this teenager.

#2 What was her motivation?
Altered by plastic surgery, a fake personality is easily visible when you see this famous 15-year-old on social media.

#3 Asian beauty!
It is rumored that surgeries have been performed on her eyes, chin and jaws. The facial contouring surgery involves shaving cheekbones and jaw.

#4 The renovation is under construction!
It is hard to imagine how a surgeon agreed to perform such big surgeries over a teenager!

#5 The virtual self?
She looks like a plastic doll turned human!