See Here: Tyga Releases His And Kylie Jenner’s $ex Tape After She Dumps Him On His Birthday


#1 Tyga's website
The video was on Tyga's official website for at least 30 minutes, then it was removed.

#2 Playing with herself
Reportedly, the video starts off with Kylie playing with herself when Tyga walks in. It's not the first time a memeber of the Kardashians is featured in a $@x tape.

#3 P0rn film offer.
According to TMZ, a major p0rn company -Vivid Entertainment- had made Kylie an offer to make a p0rn movie with her older boyfriend, Tyga.

#4 10 million
They were willing to pay her $ 10 million to make a $@x tape with him. Kylie declined. Maybe she should have accepted...