Read Here: 5 Ways to Properly Express Yourself in a Relationship

When you are in a relationship, it is necessary that the two of you remain connected. The bond stays intact that way, and that ensures this is healthy communication and proper expression. Communication, as per technical terms, is most effective in the absence of noise. Now the noise isn’t only due to sound, it could be due to incomplete messages, irregular tone and sentences with disguised meanings. To be in a relationship that is both healthy and successful, here is how you can express yourself properly:

#5 Never scream.
When you are in a relationship and you get into an argument, do not ever scream at your partner. When you scream or become rude, you leave an everlasting impression. You begin to intimidate your partner, or your partner becomes defensive around you. They cannot be who they are comfortably. For me, the former case is true. I become intimidated and then I have trouble communicating at al. the screaming creates a long lasting communication barrier, so do not ever do that – no matter how angry you are!

#4 Get rid of the problem.
When someone keeps making a mistake, try to correct that habit in the person. Do not focus on how the person is a horrible human being and do not target their personality directly. Instead, help them by fixing the problem. For example, if they reveal too much of your personal life, do not label them as someone who doesn’t respect privacy or personal space. Instead, teach them how to keep your things personal and explain to them how it maintains an exclusivity in the relationship, which in turn makes your bond more special. In a relationship, you are responsible for the other person too – whether it is specifically stated or not!

#3 Keep your timings right.
In a relationship, all that matters is the timing. When you choose to say something is more significant than how you choose to say it (not that the latter isn’t important at all). When you are trying to say something to a person, choose the perfect timings for it. Like if you want to correct something in someone and it is a habit that is really bothering you, don’t lecture them when they are already down. If they are crying to you that they are in need of help, patiently hear them out and then tell them about how it can be corrected. If you attack them then and there, you will break their heart and shatter their confidence even more.

#2 Understand the other person.
In a relationship, the key to proper communication is that you understand the other person just as much as you want to be understood. Stephen R. Covey, in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, stated that to be an effective person, ‘seek first to understand, and then to be understood’. Whenever there is a fight, give the other person a chance to explain themselves. You might be fussing over something that isn’t even an issue in the first place. You must give them a chance to explain themselves.

#1 Listen carefully.
In a relationship, always listen to your partner carefully. Pay proper attention to what the other person is saying. If you are not in a mood to talk, let them know beforehand. However, once they begin to talk, listen to them carefully. Put your phone aside, and get rid of any distractions. Keep the communication effective because the better you communicate, more will be the chances of your relationship lasting for a lifetime.