See Here: When Teachers Raid Facebook. Why Couldn't I Have A Teacher Like This?

So here are some of the epic moments with teachers on Facebook.

#1. A teacher is someone who teaches you the meaning of procrastination so obviously they have to be miles ahead of you at it.

#2. Those sweet mid-class conversations on Facebook.

#3. Noticed something stupid they accidentally posted on Fb (Oopsie!)

#4. You don’t mess with a teacher online especially with everyone reading those comments.

#5. Think twice before revealing cheating secrets online! Teacher’s watching!

#6. I hope it wasn’t because of her terrible grammar.

#7. Its Facebook man, who spells correctly anyone?

#8. Cracking teacher jokes on Fb with your teacher on your list? Uhm... too bad yo...

#9. No comments for ‘they’re’ comments.

#10.What could be worse than getting busted on fb with both your parents and teachers on your list?

#11. The least we can expect from a teacher is correct grammar but no... Never works out.

#12. A group of teachers ganging up on b discussing punishments is just gold!

#13. Oh… Talk about over-sharing…

#14. Never ever talk crap about teachers online, at least not while they’re still your teachers.

#15. Passion is passion. Whether you’re a teacher or not.

#16. How do you react when you see your teachers liking things like this online?