See More: 30 Pictures That Perfectly Depict The Two Different Types Of Girls In The World


#1 There are two reactions to winter

#2 What you'll run into in bed.

#3 The two types of pajamas girls will pick.

#4 We all know which one's better.

#5 The two types of girls at parties.

#6 Whether they're willing to be silly or not.

#7 The girl who goes classic and the one who goes modern.

#8 The girl who's true to what she wants and the one who gives it her own sexy spin.

#9 The girl who wants flowers and the girl who wants food.

#10 Those who try to conceal their looks and those who flaunt them.

#11 The girl who doesn't wanna hear it, and the one who will just make fun of you.

#12 The two girls you see on Halloween.

#13 The girl who arches up and the girl who arches down.

#14 The girl who dresses up and the one who dresses down.

#15 The one who has her priorities in order and the one who doesn't.

#16 The girl who rolls out of bed 5 min before class and the girl who is always ready.

#17 The girl who wants a prince and the one who knows what's up.

#18 The girl who squats and the girl who runs.

#19 The girl who doesn't care and the one who just wants you to like her.

#20 And finally, the one who's always ladylike and the one with her legs open.

#21 Two types of flirters

#22 Some women like well manicured nails, and others enjoy moneycured nails

#23 And Homecoming dress choices

#24 There are days you are that "one friend"

#25 Handstands are hard

#26 And shoe-wearers generally

#27 Back to Halloween, but COME ON

#28 There are two types of students

#29 But really, there are two types of girls when it comes to photographs