See Here: Freaky Things Girls Love, But They're Afraid to Ask You For.

There’s no harm in experiment right? Really, no harm. But still there are some things that both men and women would love to try out in bed but are hesitant to ask for. There is always that little doubt at the back of the head that says what if he thinks I am a weirdo? Or what if she freaks out? So boys, this one’s for you. These are the things that your girl may want you to try out, so if you’ve got doubts. Then this is your answer here.

#1 Blindfolds

Thanks Christian Grey for this one. After reading '50 Shades of Grey' many woman are into this.

#2 Playful Restraints

As long as she trusts you, she would love to be restrained.

#3 Pictures

Yep, she would love you to take some nude shots of her. Makes her feel sexy. Just don't post them on Twitter.

#4 $ex Tape

And, many women are into making a sex tape. Maybe they think it will make them as famous as Kim Kardashian.

#5 Role Playing

Role playing is a big turn on for many women. Give it a try.

#6 $ex Toys

Adding some toys to your repertoire can make her really happy.

#7 Dirty Talk

Source: And, throw in some dirty talk to really turn her on.