See Here: Best Accidental Photobombs Ever!

#1 Cause for alarm.
It looks like the photobomber is freaking out over the food, but look a little lower and you will see the real reason for his shock.

#2 Damn wind!

Once you see what's happening in the background, you'll forget all about that (boring) guy in the foreground.

#3 He must have promised her the moon during his proposal.
Witnessing true love is simply ass-piring.

#4 Meanwhile, at the club . . .
"Duurrrp! Can I buy ya a drink, ladeez?"

#5 Where's Waldo?
On this occasion Waldo is in Japan, up to no good, leering at bikini beach babes.

#7 This is really one for the books!
Is it possible that photobombers have existed since the invention of cameras? Maybe. Here's a retro Seinfeld photobomb from the 90's: