See Here: Big Mistakes In The Movie Titanic That You Totally Missed - #4 You won't believe your eyes!

#16. When your beauty mark just won’t stay in its place.
If you notice the film critically, you’ll see that Rose’s beauty spot is sometimes on her left while other times it shifts to right.

#215 The return of the glass
When there is no glass when Rose is taking out the hammer but in the next frame Voila! It is there!

#14. The man in the background
Retakes are bound to make the extras change their looks right?

#13. Camera in reflection
When you’re focusing too much on the subject you can obviously overlook the minor things like the reflection of the camera.

#12. Gap Reduction
Shifting railings are perfectly normal.

#11. Axing Jack’s arm
Imagine the blood shed if that axe was real!

#10. Boat defies gravity
The boat doesn’t seem to be on the same page with the sinking boat.

#9. Appear of the life jacket
Do I need say more?

#8. Missing objects
The objects probably ran for their safety.

#7. Changing shapes
May be the sinking of the ship scared the pipe into changing its shape?

#6. Metal shifting shapes
Okay, this cracked me up!

#5. Wires and suspenders
Terrible move when the movie gives away how you managed to fly and jump like a bird.

#4. Set lights
Well obviously the people drowning inside needed to see where they were right!

#3. Pillow show
Well may be the pillow was moving too with the sinking ship.

#2. Smudged line
Oh wait, didn’t he start with a dark line?

#1. Disappearing black lace
She can’t seem to decide whether or not she wants it in her hand.