See Here: Moms Sweet Photo Goes Viral


Once posted, the photo received a ton of positive feedback. It has been shared almost 400 time and received almost 2,500 likes. Comments include, “You are an amazing woman. Good for your husband to support you. Amazing accomplishment. Your children are lucky to have you,” and “Supportive husbands rock.”

The photo also highlights the importance that mothers feel supported, whether they are b-feeding or not.

While I believe that every mom has her own journey with her kids and that there is no right or wrong way to feed your baby, it is important that woman have the support to raise or feed their children whichever way they like, and this photo is a shining example of that.

Louise, founder of Mama Bean, who posted the picture said, “These words tell a simple truth — that support is so important for any b-feeding journey. Because b-feeding can feel like the biggest mountain to climb, and a little kindness, encouragement and support can go a very long way.”

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