Learn Here: How to - Cut your own layers


Salons trips for haircuts can end up costing a bomb. They trim your hair a little and charge a lot. You end up feeling sad as one – you’re losing your hair and two – you’re losing money. So have you ever considered giving yourself the best layered hairstyle at home? If yes then given ahead is the method to see how.

You will need –

A spray bottle
Tail comb

Method –

Method is very simple. You need to spray some water on to your hair to make them damp.
Then using the brush remove all the tangled portions.
The main idea behind layers is to have three sizes in your hair length. The lower most section being the longest and the top most section the shortest.
Now using the tail comb, separate your hair in different partitions (youtube videos for better understanding)
Chop off smaller portions in your first attempt to see how good/bad it looks.