Learn Here: How to Draw Flower Designs on Nails?


Things Required:
Artificial colors
Nail polish

Easy Steps

  • Wash your nails and clean these by tissue paper of with the help of towel.

  •  Finalized the designs from book or other image which you want to draw.

  • Apply base or ground color at your nails.

  • Use brush and create the beautiful flowers.

  • Try to design smart and two or three colors flowers.

  • Give borders to the created flowers.

  • Give light and smart outline to make these more beautiful and attractive.

  • Use tissue to clean the crossed area.

  • Give about 30 to 45 minutes for drying the colors.

  • About passing 30 to 45 minutes you will see the beautiful designs on your nails. You can apply a shiner to expose the flower designs. Now, your nails are ready with beautiful and natural look flowers. Women use these to make their nails more beautiful.