Learn Here: Pink Converse Nail Art Tutorial


Firstly you need to paint your nail in pink. Paint it full in pink absolute complete.

Now at the top 1/3 part draw a white line to create a boundary and separate your nail in two pieces.

Now the smaller part separated along one side of the white line needs to be painted in white.

When you are done, put 6 identical white dots over the pink area this time.

Now make a criss cross using the same white paint across all the 6 white dots.

When it’s done wait for some time to let it dry.

Now on the white dots, using the black color paint drop black dots on the same spot to cover the white dots.

Now you image should look like having black dots on pink and these are interlinked using the white paint.

Make a final arc on the lower white portion to make a facial expression.

Congratulations!! You have done with the converse nail art tutorial.