How to Do Pink Velvet Nails? - Cool Ideas


You have just applied pink nail paint to your nails and looking for some cool trick to play with. What about giving it a velvet finish? Velvet finish will give your nails a very uncommon and unique nail art which is sharper in brightness but much effective.

First start with applying the base coat on to your nails. We recommend you to use base coat because it protects your nails from any chemical hazard that can be caused due to the various nail paint you use.

Since we are preparing pink velvet here so the base color of our nail art will be pink.

Completely color your nails in pink using the pink nail paint ant leave it for some time.

Now use the same color i.e. pink color flocking powder and spread it over the nail evenly.

Now gently give it a press so that it fixes itself on to the nail surface.

You need not to apply any top coat here.

Now you pick the brush and clean your cuticles to remove the extra essence of flocking powder from the top surface of your nail.