Cute Ponytail for Cheerleading Hairstyle Tutorial


Ponytail is the main hairstyle that cheerleaders choose. The reason behind is they are involved in dancing activities during the event and hence want their hairs to be aligned in place without disturbing them during the act. Today we are taking this tutorial of making ponytail keeping in mind the requirement of cheerleaders. We will be making high ponytail and adding swings to the tail using the curling iron.

First get all your hairs comb so as to make them smooth for easy handling and care.

If you are having short hairs at the top of the head then fold them back and attach hair clip to keep them in place.

Now apply elastic to your hairs to make the ordinary ponytail.

Once ponytail is ready we will be adding curls to it.

Wrap the tail around the curling iron and hold for some time.

Now release the hairs from the curling iron and you will be seeing the fine curls in the tail.

For the perfect finish you can add a ribbon or bow at the point where you have placed elastic.

Now your hairstyle is done and you can cheer the moment with full energy.