10 of The Worst Nail Art Fails Ever - Nail Artists Aimed So High But Failed


1. That is the epitome of "nailing it"

2. The look on her face says it all.

3. I too have experienced this Pinterest fail.

4. Festive nails gone wrong!

5. Obviously, she was going for the abstract candy cane look.

6. This "no heat" straightening tip from Pinterest was obviously a lie.

7. To be honest... the tutorial doesn't look much better.

8. Contouring though...

9. I tried this once. This is basically how it turned out.

10. Cartoon makeup has been really popular for Halloween these past few years. At least Laura got the eyebrows right!

It appeared simple enough... however nothing is ever very easy once Pinterest is concerned. The direction needed honey, that had to be microwaved, and crushed up salicylate. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. because it seems, honey emits a loathsome smell once it has been microwaved... and unless you have got a pill device accessible, you will ne'er get the salicylate fine enough to figure as Associate in Nursing ointment. I essentially all over up with a sticky and crisp paste on my bathing suit zone. Fail!

If you are like Pine Tree State, chances are high that, you've got fully fledged Pinterest fails of your own. you will completely relate to those sixteen screaming Pinterest fails.