13 Simple Ways to Get White Teeth Overnight 100% Work



Baking soda with lemon juice keeps stains away from teeth. Use a brush for rubbing this solution on your teeth; do not keep it for long time.

Before brushing massage coconut oil on your teeth with fingers and then clean it. Keep in mind not to sallow.

Crunchy vegetable and fruits are also keep your teeth white because of its abrasive texture which rub on teeth and peel off the yellow coat.

Strawberry with baking soda, do it as we do with lemon juice. You can do it once in a week.

By mixing Hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash and baking soda make a liquid. Swish that liquid into mouth and then clean up with water. Don’t use regularly.

Form a paste of baking soda, regular salt and hydrogen peroxide. Brush it onto your teeth normally. Don’t do more than once a week.

Swish apple cider vinegar, before your brush every morning.

For white teeth, use only alcohol free mouthwash. These mouthwashes do not blemish the shine of your teeth.

Mix powdered basil and orange peel, make a tooth powder. Use it as your regular tooth powder.

Necessary to rinse your after eating any citrus fruits.

Try to stop that food which contains dark color in it like blueberries or soya sauce.

Prevent yourself from swish while drinking Coffee or tea; it may blemish the color of your teeth. Try to use straw while you are having soda or energy drink.

Stop smoking now, if you want to save your teeth from discoloration.