FROZEN ELSA PRINCESS CAKE - How To Cook That Elsa Doll Cake Ann Reardon


Little girls everywhere have fallen in love with the Disney Frozen movie, watching it repeatedly. Singing the ‘Let It Go’ song until parents don’t want to hear it anymore. Come birthday time they are of course wanting an Elsa cake. This one is as magical as the movie character herself with a flowing dress and beautiful see through glistening cape.

Frozen Elsa Cake

For the cake part you will need:

One and a half quantities of the rich chocolate cake recipe baked into two 20cm (7.87 inches) round cake tins and one 1L (0.26 gallons) greased bowl.

Two quantities of the chocolate buttercream recipe For the decorations

1 Elsa Doll

1 x 30cm (11.81 inches) round cake board

1 piece of flexible clear plastic

2kg (4.41 pounds) white fondant note: I had 800g (28.22 ounces) left over but you need this amount so

you can easily roll it out big enough to place over the doll

blue and green gel colour to make the dress colour

white luster dust
clean dry paintbrush

sharp knife, offset spatula

homemade cookie cutter (for instructions see the ipad cake video)

For the cape:

200g (7.05 ounces) or 1 cup of caster or superfine sugar

62ml or 1/4 cup water

tiny bit of blue gel food colouring

non-stick baking paper

paper towel

Optional – home made snow flakes and snow around the cake board