Amazing Combo Braid: French Braid + Fishtail


It looks complicated but when you know how to do this basic french braid and a simple fishtail braid you will really want to try this. This is best hairstyle for summer because it gets the hair off your back and neck but still looks super fancy and trendy.
Below you can see the steps, here we go:

1. Create a side part first. You’ll save that for later to create your fishtail.

2. Start in the back behind one of your ears and french braid all the way across to the opposite shoulder.

3. Once you get to the shoulder, turn the french braid into a regular braid that will fall in front of your shoulder.

4. Next, take down the clipped up section and create a basic fishtail braid. Secure it with a small clear elastic when you’re done.

5. Take the fishtail and Tuck it into the french braid and pull the tail.Pin it in place.

6. Gently pull the fishtail braid to give a better texture.

7. Pull out some pieces out around the front to give it a more romantic feel .