Make Your Own Shape Sewing Mannequin In Just Few Minutes


To make your own mannequin material required is a metal base or metal stand, pillow filling, duct tape minimum 2 rolls, cardboard, hip length T-shirt which almost faded food foil. And don’t forget you need a friend also to help you in making this.

When you ready with your supplies, then start making, wear your old T-shirt and cover your neck with food foil.

Now starts covering yourself with duct tape:-

a) Your first strip should under your chest, and don’t forget to keep it tight.
b) The Second strip should be from left to right crossed in between the breast
c) The Third step is vice versa of the second strip.
d) Finally starts covering yourself with tape till you reach the bottom and the neck

Cut it from the back, which lead to ease removal. After removal secure the open ends with duct tape.

Now stuff your T-shirt with pillow filling and secure your bottom end with cardboard and duct tape. Fill it enough to give it a strong posture.

Fix the metal stand in the mannequin.

And you are done.