See Here: Boyfriend GOES DOWN on Girlfriend And It Ends Up To Be a HUGE MISTAKE!!!

#1 Boyfriend Gives Oral

Reddit User Berlchicken recently opened up about his experience and consequence of going down on his girlfriend.

#2 The Girlfriend Visits

Berlchicken starts off, “ girlfriend came over to my house and things got heated, as they do.” He then decides to go down on her, which he says he “loves to do and he put 110% effort into because he enjoys it”

#3 She ‘Shaves’

She’d shaved a couple of days ago, and he says “..she had a mass of sharp stubble that was protruding from her pubic mound. And every time she rocked forward and backward whilst applying a lot of pressure on me, this was brushing against my face.”

#4 What Happened?

Although he could feel her stubble rubbing against his face, he was caught up in the “$exytime”, and was keen on getting her off. . . so he just ignored it about “10 to 15 minutes”.

He says, “When I finally took my tongue out of the ham cabinet, what became very apparent was the burning pain all over my lower face. We turned the lights on and the bottom portion of my face, from my nose down, was as red as a tomato, like it had been painted with the blood of my enemies.”

#5 The Actual Results

Here’s a pic of the poor dude’s mouth, while caught up in the passion of it all, he’d given himself a severe friction burn that was “both ridiculously painful, and inexplainable to anyone with a reasonable explanation!” What was he to do, hide from prying eyes? He still had his parents to make an excuse too, and there was school and other commitments. Urghh!

#6 Girlfriend’s Reaction

Although she was, “intermittent sympathetic”, she had a hard time not having a chuckle, in fact at one point she started to laugh hysterically, BUT Berlchicken was still worried about explaining his “utter embarrassment”.

#7 The Excuse

Berlchicken said he did the “rightful British thing” and “told everyone that he’d spilled hot tea on his face”. Luckily no one questioned his excuse.

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