Learn Here: Try This Simple Half-Up Braid Tutorial


Small hair elastic



Below are step by step instructions for simple half-up braid tutorial

1. Section your hair to the proper, or anywhere you prefer to phase your hair. If you probably have a fringe then which that you can depart them out or incorporate them within the braid.

2. Decide upon up a factor to hair close your section and cut up it into three.

3. Begin your Dutch braid. Cross the right phase under the middle, then the left below the right. On the following part, decide on up some hair and add it into the braid.

4. Proceed your braid diagonally across your head, including in hair as you go.

5. Conclude your braid in the back of your head. I find it irresistible to take a seat down just below the occipital bone. That’s the bone that you’d be able to consider jutting out at the back of your head.

6. Stretch out your braid.


1. Add in better section from the right that is the high of your head. Underneath your braid, just add in small part to maintain your braid in vicinity.

2. Prefer a small hair band to match your hair color in order that it’s almost invisible within the completed hairstyle.

3. You possibly can add in a 2nd braid from the reverse side as excellent to satisfy the first braid in the back of your head.