Must Watch: How to Groom and Fill in Dark Eyebrows


Things you will need:
An eyebrow brush

A pair of scissors


Brush your eyebrows outwards to get them all in a line.

Cut the extra hair sticking out from the corners.

Tweeze out the extra ones which are on the sides of the shape of the eyebrows

Get it done by a beautician first so that you know what the exact shape is supposed to be like. Later on you can just keep plucking out the hair as they grow back.

To fill in
Brush your eyebrows again to get them all straight in a line.

Using a dark brown powder,mark the edges along the lines of the eyebrow to give it shape.

Begin filling it in once the boundary is made.

Brush it again to brush off any excess powder that may seep down to your face later.

Finish the look by applying the clear brow gel to give it longevity.

Highlight the lower skin on the brows to define its height.